Spinning Reel vs Spincast

For everyone among the fishing interest, the debate of spinning reel vs spincast had been quite old.

Although there are other types of reels and rods such as baitcasting etc, understanding the difference between spinning reel and spincast is quite of a fishing 101.

The Basic Comparision

Before heading into deeper analysis, let’s have a glimpse at the basics-

Spinning Reel Spincast Reel
  • Spool Used: Fixed upright or open type.
  • Users: Both beginners and intermediate users.
  • Ease of use: Mid-level.
  • Disadvantage: Line twisting happens quite often.
  • Spool Used: Fixed upright or closed type.
  • Users: Beginners only.
  • Ease of use: Entry-level.
  • Disadvantage: Low line capacity and likely to tear up the line.

What Are Spinning Reel and Spincast Reel?

Spinning reels are those who hang beneath the rod and the line wraps around the rotating spool.

In this kind of reels, the line goes through the roller before it continues again to the rod itself.

And spincast reel is basically with a button that controls the spool’s free movement.

By pressing the button, you can spool or unspool the line freely.

Spinning Reel and Spincast: How Do They Work?

At this point, we will be discussing the difference in the working procedure of these two reels.

How Does Spinning Reel Work?

Firstly, it’s the spinning reel.

Well, spinning reel comes with a spoot that can sit on the axis of the rod in a parallel manner.

The line wraps around the spool and goes over a wheel called power roller.

There is a part called the bail which does the job of keeping the line in its place.

Here are some characteristics of dealing with spinning reel-

  • The spool of this reel keeps rotating while you’re turning the handle.
  • Spinning reels are also called multiplier reels because of its capacity to rotate with the rotation of the handle.
  • The spool of these reels doesn’t actually spin while you’re casting.
  • You may need to use your index finger to pull the line.
  • There is a dial in front of the spool which can be used to control the amount of drag- the resistance force that the reel can apply on the line.
  • While fishing with a spinning reel, the major problem will be a twisted line. Once it takes place, you have to unspool a good length of line to get rid of it.

How Does Spincast Reel Work?

The working process of spincast reels is almost like spinning reels, and there are a lot of similarities in the ways of operating with those.

As an example, they are fitted inside plastic covers, the line is come out from a tiny hole, and there is a spool kept parallel to the rod.

However, these were the similarities between spincast and spinning reels.

Now, let’s have a look at some facts while one operates spincast reels for fishing-

  • Spincast reels don’t rotate while casting.
  • While casting, you don’t have to pull the line at one place. These reels contain a button that’s used to unspool the line freely.
  • The reel doesn’t become tangles easily, as they are covered with a strong plastic housing.
  • For beginners and young anglers, spincast reels are the best option to go for.

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