How to repair a fiberglass canoe

Fiberglass materials are usually very durable, long-lasting and worth the price for which they are sold. If you have a fiberglass canoe and it has experienced some damage after using it for a very long time, you might want to repair it but having the knowledge of repairing is the most essential of the process.

Having a great idea of how to repair fiberglass canoe can be a great privilege to you as an individual and it will help you to save yourself of some excessive cash of getting the help of a professional to repair your canoe for you.

What are the things you need to properly repair your fiberglass canoe

There are certain materials that are necessary for repairing your fiberglass canoe and they include: Sand paper, cardboard, polyester resin, hardener, plastic wrapper, fiberglass cloth, disc sander, brush, masking tape, Clean cloth and acetone.

There are also fiberglass repair kits that contains all the mentioned materials above. Therefore, you can purchase the kit and get the additional materials that are not included in the kit.

Getting the kit can help to save you of some cost rather than purchasing each of them separately.

Steps Involved in repairing a Fiberglass canoe

The steps involved in the repair of a fiberglass canoe include the following:

Get the canoe prepared for repair: It is important that you prepare the canoe ahead of repair. This involves cleaning the area to be repaired with acetone so as to remove any dirt or oil that have adhered to the surface of the canoe.

In case where the damage is as a result of a hole, you should cut away the area using a disc sander to remove the area around the hole that may be affected by the impact of the surface that caused the damage.

You should use the tape to cover the area that has been cured away and if there is no hole, you should sandpaper the damaged area well and clean the surface with acetone.

Use Cardboard to cover the damaged surface: The damaged surface of the canoe should be covered with a cardboard (you should make sure that the cardboard extends well over the hole). The cardboard should be raped to the surface of the hole with the masking tape.

The cardboard should then be covered by a plastic wrap all over the surface of the cardboard.

Resin mixing with hardener: you should mix the resin gently with the hardener to avoid bubble formation. The mixed resin becomes hardened within 15 to 20 minutes.

Avoid mixing more than you need as it will not longer be useful after hardening.

Fiberglass painting: Cut the fiberglass cloth of similar sizes to the hole and cover it with the resin. You should make sure that the fiberglass is well covered with the resin so as to avoid leakages.

Repair the damage: The damaged surface of the canoe should be covered with as many fiberglass covered with resin as possible. This will help to make it well blocked and covered.

Allow it to dry: Allow the surface to dry so as to give a proper finishing to the canoe.

Sand both sides: Use the sandpaper to smooth out the surfaces of the canoe, both internal and external.

Paint the canoe: This is regarded final step and your canoe is back to its normal condition.

These steps should be followed to repair your fiberglass canoe with ease and save yourself some cash.

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