How to Put Fishing Line on A Baitcasting Reel

Fishing is fun, but not an easy one to get along.

There are many technical aspects and many times when you will be given difficult choices.

Take the choice of fishing reels as an example.

Three of the most familiar choices are- spin cast, spinning reel, and baitcasting reel.

And if you chose to go with baitcasting reel, it comes with few more additional tasks.

One of the preliminary tasks that come with baitcasting reel is, putting the line on a baitcasting reel.

As baitcasting reels are perfect for heavier lines and lures, putting the line correctly has great importance in the overall performance.

Go through the steps below where we explained how to put fishing line on a baitcasting reel-

Step 1: Install The Line at Its Place

If your reel has any line installed previously, remove it with care.

Once done, make sure that the surface of the spool is clean, clear and smooth.

Take the line and start with the rod tip end to load it on the reel.

Go through each of the guides and attach it with an arbor knot.

If it’s using a mono-filament, attach the mono to the braided line.

You can use a double uni-knot for this purpose.

Step 2: Start Reeling in A Decent Manner

Once the line is installed tight, start reeling the line at a constant and decent speed.

Across the whole width of the spool, the level wind on the reel should be there on the line.

Step 3: Respool the Baitcaster

At this step, you might need an assistant or friend to help you out. Firstly, put a pencil through the eye of the line. Hold it at both sides and make sure it’s coming off the spool.

Now, start reeling the line, and add keep the line from twisting by adding little pressure by your thumb and index finger.

Start filling the spool until it becomes ⅛ inches thick from the rim.

Step 4: Almost Done, Tie the Lure

This is the final step of the whole process.

If you are done well-with step 3, you should have a spool mount where you can add even more.

For now, leave the line in enough length that you can take it through the rod guides.

Finally, tie the lure on the bare end of the line.

And start fishing right away!

Bonus Step: Avoid Backlash

This is not a part of the process of putting a line on a baitcasting reel.

You can rather call it as advice. And the advice is to avoid any kind of backlash or bird’s nest.

Backlash happens when the spool doesn’t stop rolling even when the lure hits the water.

The whole scenario turns into a mess and spoils the fun entirely.

Follow these tips to avoid such incidents-

  • Avoid wind while casting.
  • Use short-sized fishing rods.
  • Use a lure that’s heavy in size.
  • If you’re a beginner, get an entry-level baitcasting reel.

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