How to make a Fishing Hook

Fishing hooks are important instruments when you are fishing, you do not want to go fishing without having a fishing hook at hand as this can be a waste of time.

Therefore, it is important to have a very good idea about how to make the hook used for fishing either a metal hook or a Wooden hook (crafted from any type of wooden material).

Here, I will take you through the process of making fishing hooks probably when you are on the fishing site and the only hook you have gets swallowed or you want to make metal hooks in preparation for your fishing experience.

This is a guide on how to make fishing hooks, so you should read more to get the full gist.

Processes involved in Making Fishing Hooks

You will be taught how to make fishing hooks that you can use for fishing.

I will put you through how to make two major types of fishing hooks; 1. Metal hook and 2. Wooden hook.

METAL HOOK: This might require experience but it is worth your trial.

So follow the steps that follow to make your own metal hook before going out fishing.

The steps include:

  • Prepare your instruments and material: The material needed for making this hook is 18 gauge steel wire and instruments (pliers and wire cutters). These instruments are needed to cut the wire into the required size and allowing it to take the required form.
  • Cut the wire: Cut the wire into the required size (about 2 inch in length). This is the required size of most hooks so you should use the same size when you want to make yours as well.
  • Loop creation: It is important that you make a small lol at the top of the hook with the plier. This should be well done so as to avoid the removal of the hook when submerged in water.
  • Bend the metal: Use the plier to bend the metal into a “U” shape form to allow the metal to be easy to swallow by the fish.
  • Cut the excess from the bent region: The excessive end of the metal should be cut away so as to allow it from disrupting easy swallow by the fish.
  • Put in a source of fire: The metal should be placed in a source of fire and must be made red hot (when this is noticed, it should be removed and dropped in water so as to cool).


WOODEN HOOK: This is an extension of the types of hooks, this is best when you have no other source of hook and you really need to work on the water.

The steps involved in making this hooks includes:

  • Look for wood: Any type of wooden at your sight should be suitable for this.
  • Shave the wood into shape: Properly shave the wood until it assumes the size of your smallest finger, when it reach that size you should stop.
  • Carve a groove at the middle of the wood: Create a small space at the center of the wood. This will help you to properly hold the wood in place.
  • Sharpen the ends of the wood: You should sharpen the ends of the wood until they become well sharpened and suitable for use.
  • Tie the fishing line around the groove: The line should be tied properly to the groove with a good knot. This will allow the fish to be well held while the hook is in water.

The two processes above are the simple methods on how you can make fishing hooks with ease out there.

Avoid cutting yourself or getting wounded when making these hooks.

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