How to Kayak With a Dog

If you’re a lucky owner of a dog, you can take part in a lot of fun apart from just walking. And one of the most exciting kinds of them is kayaking.

And in case your dog isn’t afraid of water, it’s maybe the funniest thing to do on a hot summer day.

Before You Hit The Water with Your Dog

Precaution 1 : Remember, not all of the dogs are fond of water. And before heading into kayaking, be certain that your dog isn’t one of them.

Precaution 2: The personality and temperament of your dog have a lot to do while you’re kayaking with it.

Check whether your dog is likely to jump at even slightest of the movement.Or it can seat standby for long periods while you’ll be engaged into something else(like paddling).

Precaution 3: Moving forward, get a floating device for your dog before hitting the water.

These are called personal floating devices,  and the saves the dog from getting drowned, even if it doesn’t know how to swim.

How to Kayak with Your Dog with No Hassle At All

Now, we are at the center of the article. We are about to list some of the actionable tips that will make your kayaking time better with your pawed friend.

So, let’s start-

Go with the Right Kayak

First thing first, not every type of kayak boat is made for kayaking with a pet dog. So, make sure that you’ve got the right one where you and your dog can fit properly.

However, if you have got a calm dog, you might not have to occupy a seat entirely for it. Maybe, the lounge or space around the bow would be enough.

The Collar and the Leash

In case your dog falls or slips away, you need a collar and a leash righty on the neck of your pet. Try to keep a harness along with the collar.

On a side note, don’t do the mistake of tieing your dog to the boat. Because, if somehow the boat flips over, and you don’t get the time to untie the dog, that might recall major tragedy.

Start Slow with The Water

If your dog is new to kayaking, it won’t be wise to start with fast water or ocean.

Better to start with flat and calm water to let the dog be used to with it. A bay or pond is a good place to start with.

Don’t Forget the Sunsream

You may forget it sometimes, but dogs are as sensitive to sunlight as us human.

Although they are covered by far. But hours of exposure to sunlight may not come to be easy to the dogs.

There is a number of brands producing pet sunblocks. You can try them out.

Stay Close to Your Furry Friend

While you’re kayaking, don’t do the mistake of staying at a distance from your dog.

Because dogs are likely to stay close to you, and if you’re not concerned about that, it may jump around to get close. And that eventually, can be a source of trouble.

Hopefully, we’ve been able to give you a hand to make your next kayaking experience awesome along with your dog.

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