How to Clean a fishing Rod and Reel

Keeping your fishing rod and reel clean and good for use during your next fishing exercise is a very good thing so that it can attain its normal condition and also it will last longer in the long-run.

As a lover of fishing, after you are done fishing one thing you should always do after is washing your fishing equipment clean so as to prevent corrosion of the materials from which these equipments are made.

When you are done fishing in a salty water, you will want to remove the adhesive salts and sand that adheres to the surface of your rod and reel.

Here, you will be taken through the processes involved in the cleaning of the external and internal part of the rod and reel.

Steps Involved in Cleaning Fishing Rod and Reel

The steps to follow when you want to clean your fishing gears are as follows:

Wash the rod and reel with fresh water: After your fishing experience, you should wash your fishing gears with fresh water and you can do this by using a spray bottle.

The water should be sprayed bit by bit on the gear to allow proper cleaning of the external portion and also to allow for the easy removal of the adhesive salts and sand from the surface of the reel and rod.

Clean with cloth: You should properly wipe out all the water on the surface of the reel and rod. You should make use of a cloth that is bristle and not too hard, also the cloth must have a good soaking ability so as to allow for the proper cleaning of the salt and sand from the surface of the gear.

Clean the internal part of the Reel: This is very necessary because little quantity of salt must have found their way into the inside.

Therefore, it is important to clean it so as to avoid deterioration which can cause the breakage of the gear.

It is important that you follow the guide provided by the manufacturer to have a better idea of the way to open the reel and properly clean it.

Clean the spool: The spool is an important part of the reel which you should clean when you open the reel as the spool’s surface can become rust and damaged due to the presence of salt and it can cause malfunctioning in a spinning reel.

You should clean the spool’s surface with wool (which has been dipped in alcohol).

You should make sure that the reel becomes dry before you assemble it.

Spray the reel with lubricant: You should spray the real with the recommended lubricant but you should avoid spraying the moving gear (usually contains grease) with the lubricant to prevent washing away the grease.

If you can follow this steps well, you will definitely enjoy using your fishing rod from time to time as you will not longer need to worry about your gears (rod and reel)  getting damaged before your next use.

Therefore, you should always take your time to clean them well.

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