How to clean a Betta fish tank

Owning a Betta fish might be really cool and easy to take care of. However, if you do, you need to know how to clean your fish tank. This is because the betta fish is quite delicate and would fall sick and eventually die, if left in contaminated water.

Be Careful with it

Though it seems very easy, cleaning a betta fish tank requires some careful techniques, if you must protect your fish. It isn't as basic as just pouring out the fish and water and scrubbing the tank clean and replacing new water. No. Do this, and you're sure to kill your betta fish.

Save some of the old water

In cleaning out a betta fish tank, whether a really small one or a larger sized one, start by removing some bit of the water in the tank into a separate bowl. Note that you shouldn't pour away all the water, because the fish is really sensitive and would usually go into shock if there's such a sudden change of environment. It isn't exactly an 'out with the old, in with the new' approach here

Don't leave your betta fish without water. Not even for one second!

About half to two-thirds of the water should be retained. Then, also gently, scoop up the betta fish and put aside into the stored water. Of course, you know fish need water, right? Don't make the mistake of putting your fish into an empty bowl, because it can't wait while you clean.

Clean out the vital solid items in the tank

Next, you need to pour out the remaining water. However you should use a sieve to retain the pebbles and whatever accessories the tank came with. Rinse through the pebbles and little items in the sieve using warm water to ensure that all waste and food deposits are removed.

Do not use soap at all.

This will be toxic to your betta if any bit of it gets into your fish tank. Also, clean out the tank using a soft scrubber and warm water. Remember, no soap.

Replace and refill

Now, in replacing the betta in its home, firstly put the cleaned pebbles and natural items back in the tank. Then pour in clean water. The quantity should be little in order to allow you restore the original water you saved.

Use healthy water

Tap water needs to be treated or conditioned because it contains chlorine which will harm your betta fish. Do not use distilled water at all. Ensure the water is oxygenated and well treated, after which you pour back the original water.

Check for the water temperature

Now you have your betta fish tank cleaned, make sure you wait till the water temperature returns to room temperature before finally putting in the fish. A change in the temperature would harm your fish. Once this is done, you have successfully cleaned your betta fish tank.

It is really advisable you clean out the tank every few days. It depends on the size of the tank. A bigger tank might stay longer, however a smaller tank gets contaminated more quickly. So ensure you don't leave your fish tank for too long before cleaning it out.

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