How to Cast a Spinning Reel

Fishing is awesome! Specially when you have standard fishing gears like a spinning reel or rod. In fact, fishing in freshwater rivers or lakes is done best with a cool spinning rod in hand.

But when it comes to using spinning reels or rods, we’ve seen many beginners struggle, and mess up the whole fun. And the process begins with learning how to cast a spinning reel.

Go through the article below, where we have illustrated the steps of casting a spinning reel. Hope this guide becomes the first step towards mastering spincast fishing-

Steps of Casting A Spinning Reel

To state the truth, casting a spinning reel on the rod is a pretty hard nut to crack. But we’ve split it up into four steps.

Here we go-  

Step 1: Practice with A Plug At First

The first step is specially for anglers who’re new to spinning reels. If you’re not one, you can start with step 2.

You need to have a practice plug, which is a safety kit to learn to hook the reel. Take out the practice plug and tie it with a clinch knot. Finally, set the drag.

Step 2: Place the Reel at Right Spot on the Rod

Take the rod on your dominant hand, and place it horizontally. Now, take the reel and place it right below the rod. The reels should be facing the ground.

Now, start pulling out the reel across the line and make sure that there are more than 6-8 inches of reel hanging from the tip of the rod.

Step 3: Align the Roller with the Rod

Once you have at least 6 inches of reel hanging from, hold the reel against the rod with the help of your index finger. And open the bail with the help of your other hand.  

Make sure the roller is aligned properly with the rod, and pull the line off the roller.

Now, use your dominating hand to maintain the grip of the reel against the rod. And flip the reel bail up with your other hand.

Step 4: Flex and Load the Rod

Once the rod is up to the vertical state, allow it to be flexible. You can try ‘loading’ the rod by bending it behind you. Meanwhile, keep pushing the rod forward.

While loading the rod, remember that only your wrist, and elbow will be on move. Don’t do it with moving your shoulder. This may impact on the process negatively.  

Finally, close the ball by your hands, and make sure the loops are completely eliminated.


  • While casting, the plug may not stay straight up into the air. In that case, take some more time to release the line while ‘loading’ the rod.

  • Don’t let the line release so early.

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