Aluminium Canoe Vs Fiberglass Canoe

If you love canoeing and you are yet to decide the type of canoe that you will love to purchase for the exercise, this guide is for you. Canoes are great vessels for those who love to stay on water for a long time either for fishing, or recreation.

There are two types of canoes that are great for use for anything you want to do on water and they are the 1. Aluminium canoe and 2. Fiberglass canoe. These two types of canoes are good for use.

However, through this guide we will take you through the design, properties and characteristics of both as well as their usefulness.

How are These Canoes Designed

The two types of canoes differ in the way through which they are made and this gives a distinctive feature of the two types of canoes available for use.

  • Aluminum canoe design: These canoes are made from two sheets of aluminum which is heated, bent, and insertion through holes that are hammered down. Other materials (metals) are usually added to these canoes so as to make it more hardened rather than being soft.
  • The metal added to this canoe under construction are usually alloys that make it more hardened and this usually gives it its tough characteristic.
  • Fiberglass canoe: These are canoes made out of plastic resin that is highly reinforced with a fiber of glass and other additional material. You should take more that these materials are usually made from the mixture of chopped fiber and plastic resin.
  • This construction method involves the use of mold (a representation of the shape for which the canoe will take).

Are the canoes different in their Level of Performance 

These two types of canoes are distinct in shape and form, but they are both worth giving a try. However, the performance of these canoes will be discussed below.

  • Fiberglass canoe: This type of canoes are very durable, lightweight and they are rigid. These canoes due to their design are more suitable and they have greater capabilities when they are used for short trips.
  • They are the best type of canoes to use for when you want to spend a shirt tike under water.
  • Aluminium canoe: These canoes are quite heavy as compared to the fiberglass canoe although they are lighter than the canoe made form wood. These canoes usually have a more leveled bottom which makes it very suitable for heavy use.
  • They are beat used when you want to stay for a very long time on water.

These canoes are both durable when properly used, however the aluminium canoe do not require much of maintainance as compared to the fiberglass canoe (which requires a storage to store it when not in use).

Aluminium canoe can stay on water all year without any need for cleaning it,  however if fiberglass cakes are left on water too much it becomes weakened and might not be suitable for the required use.

However the case, your choice of canoe should be dependent on what you want, if you are looking for canoes with the best look and design, then you should go for the fiberglass canoe. Whereas, if you are looking for a canoe that will serve you for a very long time with its high durability and strength, then you should opt for the aluminum canoe.

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